Adrift Lab art-Sci collaboration featured in Barcelona photography exhibition

A few years ago, before the pandemic, Adrift Lab were thrilled to host internationally renowned photographer, Mandy Barker on Lord Howe Island. She joined us on the island to create a series of photographs inspired by Adrift Lab's research. Understandably, she opted to focus on the gorgeous seabirds we're so fortunate to work with - through her photographs, she tells the plight of these birds in the most sensitive and harrowing way. This can be difficult to covey in scientific writing, which is factual, technical, and sometimes dry. Increasingly, such instances, art-science collaborations can play a key role in helping our global community understand what's happening out there in the big blue, often out of sight, and out of mind.

Like many of us, if you're unable to visit the exhibition in Barcelona yourself, you can check out a preview of Mandy's photographic artwork (and the incredible story behind it) via her website:

More information on visiting the exhibition in Barcelona, which is showing from 20 March to 25 August 2024:

Massive thanks to Mandy for being one of the most inspiring, kind, and generous humans we've had the pleasure and privilege to work with. You are an absolute powerhouse and we miss you dearly.

COMING SOON: some of Mandy's other works (also developed in collaboration with Adrift Lab) will soon be featured in a scientific journal article that focuses on the benefits of art-science collaborations for artists, scientists, and the broader community. We will include a link to this paper on our "Research" page once it's been published, likely mid-2024.


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