About Adrift Lab

Adrift Lab is a dedicated group of researchers studying all things adrift in the ocean, including plastic, chemicals, and wildlife. Our diverse and supportive lab includes graduate students and post-docs from all over the globe, who offer specialist skills in ecotoxicology, statistical analysis, and marine ecology.

At Adrift Lab, we analyse data gathered at sea and on beaches to identify long-term trends and quantify the impact of marine plastic pollution. Our projects range from monitoring sentinel species, to developing tools to quantify sub-lethal effects following ingestion by wildlife. We use the information generated from our research outputs (see our projects) to engage the broader community and inform policy-making, with an aim to drive positive change for the ecology of our world’s oceans.

"Developed countries alone spend $17 billion annually on pet food and $34 billion on slimming products. It is thus clear to us that the developed world could fund effective conservation if it chose to"
- Balmford & Whitten, 2003

We offer a unique and welcoming lab environment, and we’re always looking for new students who are passionate and committed to applied conservation research