SKY RAT: an inspirational video (and story of trickery) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Over the past year, one of our Adrift Lab team members has been struggling (pandemic uncertainty & bullying have really taken their toll on her mental health). At Adrift Lab, we strive to create a kind and supportive environment, free from judgement and full of safe spaces to celebrate, commiserate, and talk openly about the challenges we're all facing. Inspired by the community we've created in the Lab and wanting to help, the students conspired to create a secret video to encourage Jenn not to give up.

One quiet evening on Lord Howe Island (after field work had finished for the day), the team tricked her into watching a documentary, telling her it was a trailer for a new film about gulls. The team huddled around a laptop as seabirds appeared on the screen. The title (Sky Rat), soundtrack, & credits were VERY convincing & Jenn was oblivious as to what was to come.


Moments later, the screen went scratchy & the bird footage disappeared. Over the next few minutes, each student spoke, reflecting on their favorite moments in the Lab. The times Jenn delivered chocolate or cake to cheer up the team, hiked 10km to recover a precious plastic chicken, provided career & CV advice, or cracked terrible jokes to make everyone laugh (mostly we have Alex and his Penguin Biscuits to thank for this bit).


Watching each video, Jenn cried. A lot lately, but this time happy tears.

A BIG thanks to our unique and wonderful team for always finding the best in people, working so seamlessly together and just generally being the most kind, considerate and inspirational group any of us could ask for ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ We do what we do because we love sky rats, but also because we care deeply about people and our collective futures. Each day is a reminder and opportunity to please be (even more) kind: times are tough, people are hurting. Supervisors are humans, we make mistakes & gratitude goes both ways.

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