Plasticosis: silicosis of the sea?

It’s been a HUGE week for the Adrift Lab team: Hayley’s Plasticosis paper was published on Tuesday and thankfully, the messaging within the paper seems to have resonated with the global community.

As of 6th March, the paper has been featured in 53 news articles from around the world, including Ireland, Poland, Italy, Colombia, Norway, Greece, and even the FRONT PAGE of The Guardian UK (see the photo used as a thumbnail for this post!). Five groups have written blog posts about Plasticosis, including Science Alert, and 322 folks have already tweeted about the research findings, potentially reaching up to 1.8 million followers on Twitter alone! Someone even created a #Plasticosis page on Wikipedia for us (thank you Steve!) which we’ll add to as new data becomes available:

On Monday evening, Hayley and Jack appeared on ABC News (both local and national). This was Hayley’s first face-to-face interview for national television and she did AMAZING!! More interviews are in the works, including a feature piece in Mongabay – keep your eyes out for that next week!

Altmetric summary page (if you’d like to track the progress of our article). At present, the Plasticosis paper is now ranked #5 at the Journal of Hazardous Materials. This is a huge achievement on it’s own, but remarkably #AdriftLab actually holds two of the top 5 Altmetric paper positions (our 2019 hermit crab paper entrapment is ranked #2) – go team go!!

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