Paper Release: Foraging Strategies of the Murphy's Petrel

The gears of ecological and ornithological research continue to turn as researchers including Adrift Lab’s Dr. Jennifer Lavers have published a paper on the foraging strategies of the Murhpy’s Petrel. The paper discusses the two major foraging trip types the seabirds take during incubation.

“They’re the most docile kind of seabird I’ve worked with. We didn’t have to restrain them to tag them at all.”
— Dr. Jennifer Lavers

The study was performed with the permission of the Government of The Pitcairn Islands, as field work took place on Henderson Island. The uninhabited island has become the subject of scientific study in recent decades. Unfortunately, previous research conducted by Adrift Lab researchers found that the island has the highest density of plastic rubbish anywhere in the world. Murphy’s Petrels breed in the Pitcairn Island, including Henderson island.

“They’re an enigma of a species - delicate and robust at the same time.”
— Dr. Jennifer Lavers

The full article has been published as open access, and can be viewed in full here.

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