Drifting Into Birdland

Dr Jennifer Lavers wrote a piece for Birdland, an article from The Island Review, an online magazine by and for island lovers. The appeal of islands - both inhabited and uninhabited - is undeniably strong for most folks these days, and the escapism of visiting islands is something familiar to the contributors of Birdland, including Dr Lavers.

"I travelled to Middle in search of the flesh-footed shearwater (also known as the 'muttonbird' or 'yolla') which breeds throughout the Recherche Archipelago, but as it turns out, not on the northern end of Middle Island"
- Dr Jennifer Lavers

The article includes stories of many remote islands, and the birdlife so intrinsically linked with these locations. Tales of pirates, exotic geography, and wildlife can all be found in Birdland.

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