2023 National Science Week update

It's #NationalScienceWeek and #AdriftLab in collaboration with the ETNTAC Ranger team in Esperance have been making a big contribution!

Two ETNTAC Rangers, Hayleigh Graham and Jennell Reynolds, participated in their first podcasts with Health Country Plan coordinator Dr Jenn Lavers.

  1. Hayleigh and Jenn are featured in Season 2 of the Ecological Society of Australia's 'Ecology Matters' #podcast in an episode about #bushfire, #seabirds and #islands based on the work that ETNTAC has been undertaking in the Recherche Archipelago. Look out for the release of Hayleigh and Jenn’s podcast here (also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts): https://www.ecolsoc.org.au/publica.../audio/ecology-matters/
  2. Jennell also collaborated recently with Jenn on a podcast about the diverse work that the ETNTAC Ranger team are doing to care for Country, the important role of Registered Native Title Body Corporations (RNTBCs; including ETNTAC), relationships between #FirstNations organisations, science, industry and governments and much more. Listen to the podcast on The #LentilIntervention website here: https://www.thelentilintervention.org/podcast/episode/763e67f1/dr-jenn-lavers-and-jennell-reynolds-esperance-tjlatjraak-native-title-aboriginal-corporation?fbclid=IwAR1t_wi9khi8kNI1iP6BWwc0dGDkVCqr7M6diUXDFsJGYGtph9TkerL_sVc
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