Adrift Lab Students Feature in British Ornithologists Union Blog

Following the recent publication of another fabulous Adrift Lab student-led paper Seasonal ingestion of anthropogenic debris in an urban population of gulls in the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin, Honours graduate Lillian Stewart and PhD Candidate Megan Grant have been featured in the latest edition of the British Ornithologists Union (BOU) blog.

The BOU blog is updated weekly with posts from researchers who study all things birds, with bite-sized and easy to understand posts.

Lillian and Megan have written a beautiful, heart-felt account of how urban gulls are adapting to increasingly urban environments alongside us. They also discuss the newly discovered pathways that plastics and other anthropogenic debris items take from land into aquatic systems.

A big thank you to the British Ornithologists Union for featuring our work! Find the blog post here.

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