Adrift Lab featured at Jetsam Event in Sydney (in September)

Are you in #Sydney on Sunday 24th of Sept? If so, come see #AdriftLab’s Dr Jenn Lavers speak about #ArtSci #collaboration & #PlasticPollution at unday Powerhouse Museum. The panel discussion will be feature Jetsam, an incredible table made of beach-washed #ocean #plastic (see photo!) by internationally recognised furniture designer Brodie Neill 🌊♻️

Brodie is originally from Tasmania, now living in London. He kindly put Jenn’s name forward for this event (thanks Brodie 🙏💙). This creates an important opportunity to limit #CO2 through not flying internationally - yay! In addition, as Jenn has committed to significantly reduce her own flying, she’ll be staying in the Sydney area for 3 weeks to attend a research paper #WritingRetreat with one of the amazing Adrift Lab PhD students. She'll also meet with colleagues and complete critical #FieldWork on #LordHoweIsland (our team will be joined on the island by a US-based film crew who are documenting our ground-breaking research for an upcoming documentary).

As always, Jenn requested the speaker fee for the #Jetsam event be donated to Adrift Lab so the funds can be used to support #plastics research (including projects led by our students - remarkably, students enrolled in Honours and Masters degrees are unpaid, no surprise that many of them are struggling with the cost of living crisis)

Find out more and *book your ticket* by clicking here

#flygskam #SciComm #RecycledMaterials #FurnitureDesign #MarineScience #interdisciplinary

Additional acknowledgements: Adrift Lab are extremely grateful to Detached Cultural Organization for making this collaboration possible!

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