Honours, Masters, PhD students (and Post-docs) who wish to join Adrift Lab are encouraged to contact us using the link above. Specific projects are often available here in Australia, or overseas, with data, samples, and/or funding already in-hand. For example, we are currently seeking applicants for this PhD project (deadline 18 Sep 2019).

Alternatively, you are welcome to propose a different project based on your own expertise, interest, or location of prospective co-supervisors and/or funding. Examples of the types of student projects supported by Adrift Lab are provided below.

Please make sure to include the following in your email:

  • CV that clearly outlines your qualifications

  • Cover letter that explains your interests (eg. are you applying for an advertised project, or proposing one yourself)

  • Piece of relevant, recent, scientific writing that showcases your abilities. If you are including a journal article as your piece of writing, and you are not the first author, please detail in your cover letter what your contributions to this paper were.

Adrift Lab is primarily based at the Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies (IMAS) in Launceston (northern Tasmania). Students are (very occasionally) based interstate or overseas.