Dr Jennifer Lavers


Dr Jennifer Lavers completed her PhD at Memorial University of Newfoundland, on a tiny island in south-east Canada. She therefore felt prepared for life in Tasmania, a small island located off the south-east coast of Australia. The research she leads at Adrift Lab focuses on using wild species, especially birds, as sentinels (indicators) of physical and chemical pollution in marine and freshwater environments. Islands also feature at Adrift Lab, as remote areas can act as natural ‘controls’. Jennifer invests significant time in science communication, including feature roles in documentary films such as A Plastic Ocean, BLUE, and Drowning in Plastic.


She currently works as a Lecturer in Marine Science at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies in Tasmania where she teaches a number of courses, including marine conservation and ecological statistics. She sits on a number of advisory boards, including Plastic Oceans Australasia and is a member of the Specialist Committee on Seabirds and Plastic Pollution (SCSPP) with the World Seabird Union.