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Mercury as an Indicator of Foraging Ecology but not the Breeding Hormone Prolactin in Seabirds

Marine predators are frequently exposed to contaminants through diet, and thus contaminants like mercury have the potential to be used as tracers of foraging ecology. Mercury’s neurotoxic and endocrine-disrupting effects can have far-ranging consequences for both individuals and populations, and thus mercury concentrations could also be indicative of wildlife health.

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Trace Element Concentrations in Feathers of Seven Petrels

Gadfly petrels (Pterodroma spp.) are one of the most threatened and poorly studied seabird groups, and as marine predators, are exposed to biomagnified and bioaccumulated chemical pollutants from their prey. We quantified trace element concentrations in breast feathers of seven petrel species that breed in the southern hemisphere to quantify current concentrations.

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