Susie Philpot's First Paper Accepted

Susie Philpot’s first paper has been accepted by Environmental Science and Pollution Research. The paper details the bioaccumulation of deleterious trace elements in seven petrel species. Susie’s research uses these species as bio-indicators of the health of the ecosystems in which they dwell.

I was thrilled when I heard my first paper had been accepted
— Susie Philpot

The paper has been published amongst burgeoning concerns for the impact that anthropogenic waste has on the marine environment and marine wildlife. Susie’s research utilised data from across the globe, including sites in Western Australia and Lord Howe Island off Australia’s east coast.

It’s heartbreaking seeing chemical pollutants in birds all around the world
— Dr Jennifer Lavers, Co-Author

The paper recommends a comprehensive assessment of the impacts of anthropogenic pollutants on the physiology and demography of seabirds, and further investigations into the declining population trends of most of the species studied in the paper.