Ian Hutton

Adrift Lab Collaborator

Dr Ian Hutton

Having published >50 scientific papers, we’re excited to announce Ian Hutton was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Natural Sciences from Southern Cross University in 2019! Ian is a long-time, much-loved resident of Lord Howe Island having lived on the stunning island for more than three decades. While he originally came to Lord Howe Island as a weather observer for the Bureau of Meteorology, Ian stayed for the natural history and is now undoubtedly a world expert on just about everything there is to know about Lord Howe Island. From glowing fungi to endemic cockroaches, and seabirds that fall from the sky - Ian is an encyclopaedia of information. And one of the most patient, generous people you’ll ever meet.

Adrift Lab is very fortunate to have worked alongside Ian over the past decade. He’s written eight books on Lord Howe Island’s ecology - including one that has a foreword written by Sir David Attenborough who Ian worked with while filming the Life of Birds series. Ian mentors many of the Adrift Lab graduate students, helping them find the perfect study location or liaise with other landowners on the island. Ian is also a highly regarded tour operator, offering unique natural history experiences on Lord Howe Island. To learn more about Ian, his tours, and Lord Howe Island, please view his website.